When Volunteering Almost Feels Selfish

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When you volunteer, whether it’s at your church, local soup kitchen, your child’s school, somewhere in Africa, or at a special need’s camp, you are selfish. Okay, so it’s not REALLY selfish but as the volunteer, don’t you feel a bit like you are because of all that you get from the experience? I had the opportunity to volunteer an hour and 15 minutes every day this week so I’m right there with you. I helped with a bike camp for special needs kids called iCan Bike. It is part of the organization called iCan...

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A Memorial of Memories

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Memorial Day Weekend is upon us or in other words, the start of lake season. While I’m very respectful of the day and what it represents, I can’t help but think of being at the lake. We were lucky and always had this holiday weekend that brought our family together, perhaps subconsciously celebrating that we had veterans in our presence and not only memories of them. My mother’s side of the family is from northwest Iowa and there was a lake a couple of hours away called Okoboji. It was where all of my favorite childhood summer memories are...

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The World According to Your Gut

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Source: SweatlifeNYC The gut is where everything good happens in your body. Or it’s where it should be happening. If your gut is unhealthy, then there is a lot of bad happening in your body that you aren’t connecting to the state of your gut. Well, you’re not alone. Most of us don’t put make that connection but I want to share some things I’ve learned lately that you may find pretty interesting yourself. A few weeks ago, I joined Chalene Johnson’s Diet Beta Test group but it isn’t what it sounds like....

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Well, That Didn’t Go as Planned

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  Oh Saint of Perfect Memories, why have you forsaken me? Today was the final day of finals for my high schooler, the final day for my middle schooler and the final walk to school and celebration parade out of school for my elementary schooler. The plan was to get up early and make my kids all of their favorites: hash browns, chocolate chip pancakes, and scrambled eggs. Then run to the store to pick up the teacher gift and back to school for a class pic and watch the 5th graders walk out for the last time ever. Then a family lunch sans...

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The Lasts Always Get Me

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Here we are again. We are in our last week of school and this one is going…as expected. I’m not sure why I do this to myself but it seems we jam things into short periods of time. We retiled the basement last week and started demolition on our master shower. We hosted my daughter’s soccer team end of the banquet (60+ people) on Monday on the same day I started a three day fast (that will be in another post). Today, the plumber and tile guys were back to work on the shower and I was feeling crummy as I was now on my third day...

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The Oldies Have Passed the Baton

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Anyone else completely befuddled by the revival of the 80’s? I never saw Birkenstocks coming let alone Mom Jeans. Parachute pants, maybe. But the Mom Jeans trend could have died a thousand deaths and it wouldn’t be enough. No one looks good with a two foot long back side and a dromedary hoof in the front. It was atrocious then and it’s even worse seeing a young girl purposefully wear that hideousness. We were forced to wear high-waisted jeans because they were the only style there was! These kids have choices All kinds of...

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