Life Lessons: If You’ve been to One Veteran’s Hospital, You’ve Only Been to One

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When I was dealing with my dad’s mental health issues and trying to get help from the VA he was going to in Missouri. It was a nightmare and the only reason he was going there instead of the one on the Kansas side where he lived was because a veteran friend of his went there. Big mistake. We got no help from them a couple of years ago when they determined his dementia was alcohol related and they determined he needed to go through alcohol rehab then his issues would go away. I wanted to throw my chair across the table. This came from a...

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Three Ways to Stop Suffering from Allergies (Part 3)

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I hope you’ve learned a lot from the past two posts and you have a new appreciation for your gut and good ol’ clean water. I know I do! Not that we shouldn’t suffer once in awhile (good for the soul) but enough is enough. Allergic reactions come in many forms and while it can be a long haul for some of us to get things back in working order, you can use something right away to make an impact. Essential oils are a great way to support the body’s response to seasonal threats as well and to help deal with your immediate...

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Three Ways to Stop Suffering from Allergies (Part 2)

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  In Part 1 we talked about healing the gut to help stop the onslaught of suffering with each blooming tree. Repairing the lining of the stomach is super important and the number one priority. If it works like a sieve, anything and everything will get through. I also mentioned adding probiotics as a way to help build up the good gut flora. My next piece of advice is going to seem contradictory but stick with me.   Decrease high histamine foods and increase water intake.   Here is the tricky part…kombucha, sauerkraut,...

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Three Ways to Stop Suffering from Allergies (Part 1)

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This picture can represent very different things to many people. Some see it as a sign of beauty and renewal. Others see it as a source of suffering. And by that I mean, the suffering that starts with a tickle, maybe the back of your throat or the inside of your nose. The next thing you know, your eyes are itching and there’s major drainage happening, either down your throat or out of your nostrils. Or maybe you’re coughing and your head is so stuffy that you can barely feel your face. I know the feeling because I was where you...

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Why Filtered Water isn’t Good Enough

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I’m a horrible water drinker. Actually, I should say WAS a horrible water drinker. I’ve learned some things lately that have made me put water as a priority. I’ve been reading a book called Superlife by Darin Olien and currently reading the section about hydration. I’ve always known that drinking a lot of water is good for the body but it has been such a painful part of getting healthy for me. I’m never thirsty so I’ve always felt like I’m choking down the water down. However, after learning what I...

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Say It, Believe It

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It’s amazing the bullshit we tell ourselves. “I’m fat.” “No one loves me.” “I’ll never be successful.” “There is no way out.” “I’m a nobody.” “I can’t do ____.” “I hate my <insert body part>.” Blah, blah, blah. The list of negative things we tell ourselves on a daily, hourly, minute by minute basis is astounding. It’s almost like we enjoy torturing ourselves. I have told myself so many lies over the years that I, the...

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