Using Crisis as a Personal Growth Opportunity

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  Just when I set a game plan, I hit a bump in the road. That little bump in the road was my website getting hacked. I didn’t bring it up before because: my blog kept showing an error message on my page my website link sent you to various inappropriate sites (those things are hard to unsee once you’ve seen. I hope you were spared.) I didn’t expect it to take this long to figure out on my own and now here we are, two months since my last post. It’s still not 100% fixed but we’re close. Did I stockpile posts...

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Step Away From the Antibiotics

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Just this week I’ve heard of two kids who were prescribed antibiotics for virus related symptoms. I seriously wanted to hunt down these doctors/clinics/idiots and freak the freak out on them. Why in all that is healthy would someone who has clearly gone through major medical training prescribe something that even I can understand as completely ineffective? Believe me, I know antibiotics–I used to be the Antibiotic Queen. My kids were the Antibiotic Littles and even the poor dog with her constantly infected ears was the Antibiotic...

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The Image We Tell Ourselves

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  Up until age 12, I was skinny. I’m talking beanpole skinny. I had a barely there butt, zero point zero hips and wore slim jeans forever and a day (my favorite were the ones with the roller skates applique with REAL laces on the pockets.) I see my youngest child and he is built just like my daughter when she was his age. Abs for days and arms and legs like a colt. But you know what I used to say when people commented about my kids’ physiques? They take after their father. Me to me: Um, hello?! Have you SEEN pictures of your...

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Wither or Grow, We Choose

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I’ve had a two conversations with two different friends in the past 24 hours and realized life hasn’t been easy for them lately, either. We’ve all had eerily similar stories about major struggles happening in all of our lives right now. On one hand, it’s nice to have someone to talk with because they get it but on the other hand, I hate hearing that they are going through tough times. But I know we’re all going to make it to the other side of what we’re dealing with and we’re going to be okay. Why?...

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Why We Need Ridiculously Good Sleep

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When I was younger, I’m sure I slept well. I mean, I was a teenager a gazillion years ago. I could sleep like the dead back then. Perhaps it changed when I was in college. I pulled all nighters studying for exams, out late partying  caring for the homeless, and God knows what else. I did find time to nap to still get in my zzz’s. But then came real life. Along came the full-time job and there went the afternoon nap. Oh, I still found myself up late at night either at the gym or a very late happy hour with co-workers. The sleep...

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What Not to Do During the Holidays

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Ah, the holidays. The time when all well-intentioned planning and coordinating goes to shit and we realize we really aren’t in control. I know I said I’m going the positive route this year and this may seem contradictory but stay with me. We had planned to have our first floor and kitchen cabinets painted before the holidays.Our painter ended up starting the morning of the 23rd, the day my in-laws were supposed to come into town, and got our living room done. As soon as they left (it was a quick trip) we went back to moving...

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