What the Fulcrum…?

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I’ve been reading a book, The Happiness Advantage by Shawn Achor, and I found a little nugget that I wanted to share with you. Mind you, I’ve had this book in my possession way longer than I should (thanks library–I owe ya, literally) but I love everything about it and I’m only on page 65. We’ve had some pretty heavy stuff happen around here lately (see last blog post) and after reconnecting with some friends, it seems a lot people I know aren’t sad to see 2016 go. I’m really honing in joy, freedom,...

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2017, A Year for Burning Ships

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Tap, tap. Is this thing on? Wow, I’m not sure what happened there at the end of the year…well, scratch that. Actually, I do. A friend passed away, the insanity of the election, my father’s mental health and living situation hit bottom (that’s a post for another time), and the chaos of the holidays occupied just too much of my mental space, leaving zero bandwidth for anything else. Writing of any kind, other than rapid fire social media, was pushed aside. Which boggles me because when shit hits the fan, writing tends to...

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Good Enough to Eat Cookie Dough

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A friend and I were talking last week and she confessed she cheated a bit on her weight loss program because she made cookies to bring to a gathering and had a hard time staying out of the cookie dough. It sucks to feel deprived when trying to adjust to a healthier lifestyle but I’m convinced every recipe can be tweaked with clean and healthy ingredients without sacrificing taste. Okay, they may not taste exactly the same but in order to adopt a healthier way of eating for life is about retraining our tastebuds. Sugar, MSG, unhealthy...

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The Author In Progress Book Birthday is Today!

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As a writer, I use many resources to help me organize my thoughts, inspire me to persevere, and understand how to craft a story. One of the first web sites I turned to when I was starting out was Writer Unboxed. From there, my whole writing world opened up. I ended up meeting many of the writers who contribute to this site and have learned so much over the years. They are a group of authors, essayists, publishers, public relations professionals, editors, and even a few authors in progress. This book has been compiled as a series of essays by...

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How Are You Tending Your Blanket?

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“Mom, we are hunting Bigfoot!!” my daughter would shout/whisper as she ran by with her flashlight beam bouncing. The adults would either be playing Chinese Horseshoes (Washers, if you prefer) under the street light or sitting in someone’s driveway laughing and sipping the night away. This was our social life for the first few years as parents. We moved into our first home when my daughter was nine months old. Slowly but surely, as we ventured out and met our neighbors, our toddling daughter was our gateway into most...

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My Friday Favorites

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I seriously love finding new things and sharing them with you all. Here’s some of my latest favorite things.   Cookbook Thug Kitchen  If you like a good cuss word yet hanker for some plant-based food recipes, then these guys are for you.They have a new cookbook coming out called Thug Kitchen 101: Fast as F*uck. What’s not to love?! Even if you are a meat eater, follow them anyway because the humor and cussing alone are worth it. You can find them on FB and Instagram as well.     Women Entrepreneurs Hello Big Idea...

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