Gosh, where to start. I’ve been mom and wife for the past 18 years but since then I’ve added writer, blogger, health educator/coach, and personal development junkie to the list.

I’ve always been a lover of words, whether writing to a friend or finding solace in the pages of a book. My love of reading is what pushed me to make writing a bigger part of my life. When my third child was born, characters began to swirl around my head and I felt an overwhelming need to create a story for them. The fiction is still a work-in-progress but took a backseat when I began freelancing in 2010, writing articles about parenting, health, and feature interviews for various local magazines. I have moved on to more essay writing and still dabble with my fiction.

A big part of my day consists of parenting my three children: a high-schooler, a middle-schooler, and elementary schooler which gives me plenty of topics to write about. But in this stage of my life, I know that I’m on a much bigger journey.

For years, I suffered from chronic health issues and after years of the band-aid approach, I finally took my health into my own hands. Through my own research, I realized I had been causing much of my own symptoms! After making some adjustments to my diet and lifestyle, my symptoms began to go away and my quality of life soared. It was then that I became my own health advocate. It has become a huge passion of mine and much of what I love to write about.

However, as I approached my middle-ish years, I felt stuck. It seemed that every day was the same, as if I was stuck on a hamster wheel with no idea how to get off. I had lost my passion for writing, had no idea what my purpose in life was, and like I was living a lie. I quit the magazine writing and some other freelance busy work and turned inward.

I began a personal development trek and I’m still on it. I have an overwhelming desire to live the life I want my children to live. I needed to show them what living a passionate, intentional, and joyful life looked like. I wanted–and still do–my kids to understand that this life is what we make of it, not just something that happens to us.

This led me writing again on my own terms, for the love of it rather for the paycheck. I’m also educating and coaching others about holistic and non-toxic health. As I live more by design and not default, my life has begun to look a lot like freedom, joy, playful, empowerment, purpose, connection, creativity, service, mindfulness, and lots of laughter. 

So with this blog, I’m sharing my story as it unfolds. I hope you are “writing” your own life story and if not, I hope my blog stirs something in you to do the same. This blog has been a great creative outlet for me and while I tend to be all over the place with my topics, I value the connection I make with readers. I’d love for you to join in the conversation and thank you for reading along!

If you need help writing the life story you’ve always dreamed of, I’d love to help.

Contact me at hsawyerwriter (at) gmail (dot) com or fill in the contact form below.

Let’s do this!

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  1. It’s so nice to meet you, Hallie! Your website is really nice, and I look forward to following your posts. If time permits, I’d love for you to check out Head in the Clouds (my writing blog). Have a great week! Tory

  2. re- Jitters
    Check out Seth Godin’s blog –> http://sethgodin.typepad.com/
    Though his main focus is on marketing, he talks a lot about ‘lizard-brain’ fears preventing us from doing great things. It’s no big deal to fail. Each of us fails to do something almost every day. It IS a big deal to let fear of failure prevent us from doing great things.

    Seth is an author of about a dozen books on marketing,

  3. Great site and I love you on Twitter. Please check out my blog — writing for myself too!
    Love to have you follow me. Have a great weekend

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