I’ve Become the Rainbow Loom Fairy

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Rainbow LoomTooth fairy, move over. There’s a new fairy in town. This one weaves and hooks like a boss and turns frowns upside down. She fixes flawed Rainbow Loom bracelets as little ones shuffle off to bed and slips them on their teeny wrists as they sleep.

Okay, actually I’ve only done that once but I have fixed more stupid plastic band bracelets in the past three weeks then I should ever admit to. Wait…do you even know what the hell I’m talking about? I’m talking about the Rainbow Loom craze that has hit like Silly Bandz on crack. Every Jack, Joe and Hanna has a Rainbow Loom at our school and if they don’t, it’s because the stores have run out. It’s the less environmentally friendly version of the friendship bracelet.

In case you haven’t heard of the Rainbow Loom, then consider yourself lucky. It uses tiny little rubber bands that I’m sure will someday clog up every landfill across America. I’m becoming pretty “green” in my later years and the guilt of buying these little plastic bands not of this earth has gnawed at me ever since. Every weekend and almost every day after school — post homework and chores –  the kids ask me to look up a specific Rainbow Loom “how-to” video on YouTube, which ends up being me sitting there helping way more than I should. About 99% of the time, my youngest ends up missing a loop somewhere and I swoop in to help. I’ve totally become an enabler and may need an intervention sooner than later. They start a bracelet, it doesn’t turn out right, and I come in to save the day. And I need to stop and last night I stooped to a new low.

The boys were trying out a new bracelet design and both of their bracelets fell apart when we pulled them off the loom. It doesn’t take much to screw up a bracelet but seeing the defeat on their faces was tough to watch. It was time to go to bed and they didn’t have time to try it again. AND exactly why I should be enforcing the rule of NO LOOMING BEFORE BED! So off they went, upset with my youngest grumbling the entire way saying it was my fault. Major WTF there as the only thing I did what hit play and pause on the dumb YouTube “hot-to” video. Oh, the joys of motherhood. I guess it made me mad because I snatched up that loom and whipped out two Cobra bracelets in a matter of minutes. I walked upstairs and slipped them on their little wrists like some kind of pathetic wannabe fairy. I showed them alright.

Then it hit me!

I’ve become THAT parent.  I didn’t initially think I did it to make them feel better. I thought I did it to prove that my helping didn’t screw it up the first time.  Many times I swoop in to help just so they get back outside to play and the loom gets put away along with the gazillion rubber bands that seem to explode whenever they open the bag

No more Mom to the rescue!

Because it starts with the Rainbow Loom then the next thing I know I’ve got two college dropouts wanting to move back in. Hell to the no.






  1. Ha! I am laughing out loud here! I loved the Rainbow Loom craze in our house. I’m actually sort of sad that I seems to by dying down. The first time the girls asked me to help I tried but failed worse than they did! Looming does not seem to be in my DNA and boy, did that work out in my favor. They never asked me to help again! Maybe you could fake a sudden inability to loom :)

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    • After I wrote that post, I declared to the kids that I will no longer be rescuing their creations. Now I need to just stick to that declaration. :) However, I sort of like the process and fear I may become a closet loomer. Just what I need, another writing distraction!

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      • So funny! I actually have a friend who has totally taken it up for herself. She looms after the kids go to bed!!

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  2. Ha!! This was so sweet. I couldn’t help my kids with those even if I wanted to. My first grader is way into them. She only does the “simple” version for now. I saw a kid doing some of those seriously intense ones. It made me anxious even thinking about it.

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    • They can get very complicated and it’s crazy how someone even came up with some of them. One mess up and the whole thing is done for. I try to discourage anything advanced for my 2nd grader because I’ve seen the anguish too many times when a starburst goes awry. It’s not pretty.

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  3. Right there with ya! My biggest challenge is keeping it away from my daughters’ hot little looming hands so that she can focus on other things in life (like her homework!). That and keeping those stupid little bands out of my vacuum cleaner!

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    • I KNOW! I guess we can be assured that some day this craze will end like all trends and we will have yet another thing to add to the pile of forgotten toys.

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  4. Too funny. And your ending was priceless. Still… although I haven’t heard of Rainbow Looms (I miss those crazes), BUT I think I may have found an empty nest endeavor: mothers of the world, if you send them, I will fix.

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  5. WHAT is with the Rainbow Looms?? My eight-year-old can’t get enough of it.

    I will say, though, that she looks up the YouTube videos herself and makes increasingly complex bracelets and rings. There is some creativity involved. Now she’s talking about making a bag (although she says that requires two looms…hmm…).

    I have no idea what she’s going to do with the more than fifty bracelets she’s already made. (And counting.) My guess is I’ll open up a closet door one day and be crushed by a wave of rainbow loom creations.

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    • Well, my 2nd grader thinks he needs to wear all of the ones he has made at one time. I have to do a wrist inspection every day to make sure he has only the allowed amount. Thankfully, his teacher has banned the bracelets from class because they’ve become a distraction for many. My 5th grader sells his at school — not sure how I feel about that — so his pile isn’t as big. I do have a feeling that we will be discovering these plastic distractions in our homes nooks and crannies far into the future, at least the rubber bands any way. They are EVERYWHERE.

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  6. I have never been so glad that my kids are in high school because I know without a doubt I couldn’t help them with this.

    Of course, I couldn’t help them with math after third grade either.

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  7. Well. The Rainbow Loom craze hasn’t hit our house yet but I love your telling of how it’s infiltrated your world. Good luck. Till the next craze starts.

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  8. My kids are too old for looming…however I did get talked into taking care of my youngest daughter’s giga-pet (a digital “pet” that was all the rage with elementary aged kids in the 90’s). –Look it up before you judge me–She hysterically imformed me when she came home that “I killed it!” because within two hours of dropping her off at school I grew tired of attending to its obnoxious digital demands every 15 minutes and finally stuffed it under her bedroom pillow, so I did not have to hear it anymore.

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