Make a Girls’ Trip a Priority!


Girls’ trips–they should be MANDATORY events in every woman’s life. Like getting an annual checkup or visiting the dentist. They are just as necessary and a hell of a lot more fun.  I have a lot of making up to do because I just had my first one post-college (I don’t think spring break doesn’t count if I can barely remember it).

A couple of weeks ago, I traveled to Salt Lake City to attend the annual dōTERRA Convention. I’ve been teaching and sharing the benefits of essential oils for the past couple of years and had yet to attend the convention. I resisted for so long because I assumed it was going to be cheesy or perhaps a little too “come drink the Kool-aid” for me. I don’t know why I thought this because the people who introduced me to dōTERRA were the furthest thing from cheesy or Kool-Aid drinkers. I bought my ticket for the September date with still a little apprehension because there is no good time for a mom of 3 to leave out of town. Or so I thought.

I ended up buying an airline ticket out of Denver because I wanted to fly with the other ladies from my dōTERRA Mastermind (plus the flights out of KC crappy or stupid expensive). I drove to Denver on the day before my flight and stayed with my sweet friend, Molly. She as two adorable children, two cute puppies and a hilarious husband. It’s always a joy to spend time with them so that was worth the drive alone! Molly and I took her daughters to school the next morning and had a little matcha tea time at Steep before I had to leave for the airport. If you are a Denverite and live anywhere near 8th Ave. and Colorado Blvd.. it’s a must. I had a matcha shot followed by a magnificent matcha latte. It’s not big but it sure is fantastic.

After a quick hug goodbye to Molly, I drove to pick up my soul sister, Carrie, and parked at the train station where we hopped in with the rest of my mastermind crew.  We connected with the rest of our housemates (all SDSer’s!) that afternoon/evening in Salt Lake at our Airbnb and all was right with my world.

This house, you guys. When we found out there were going to be about six of us from my peer group going, I dug into the Airbnb scene. It may have been luck or maybe it was some wicked manifestation on my part but I found the perfect house. It hadn’t shown up in my first search when we were still figuring out who was coming but when everyone was committed, this was the first house that came up. And it was THE house. It’s listed on the National Register of Historic Places, was within a mile walk of the convention, and was as cozy AF. I took some pics/video but I realized that I recorded in my Instagram stories and forgot to save the photos! Wah, wah. 🙁 But you can see the listing here.)

The trip was perfect except for the lack of sleep. No matter what I did, I never made to bed before midnight. I’m not sure if I was wound up from the day or what but I always spent another hour or so reading or scrolling through my social media before I could fall asleep. Then I had to wake up at a decent time to get bathroom time and prepare my lunch and bulletproof coffee before walking to our sessions. Katie and I had our own rooms and then the other four ladies shared rooms. It was plenty of space and perfect for six even though it allowed for eight. We had a wide range of women, from our ages, where we call home, jobs, and personalities. What brought us together was dōTERRA but there is so much more than the love of essential oils that connect us.

Each of us has a love for living our best life from the food we eat, the products we use in our everyday lives, to the friends we keep and the mindset we maintain. It was like fricking sleepaway camp and I got the best cabin mates EVER! Carrie turned 40 during our trip so we had a little soiree for her on our fun patio. We are all Skinny Dip alum so it was surreal to actually have a soiree!  If you have no idea what I’m talking about, read about it here.

Doing dōTERRA together with these ladies is like Skinny Dip Society 2.0. We all feel driven to serve, make an impact in the world, live our purpose and design our lives rather than live by default. Getting to be with them at this exact time at this exact convention was exactly what my soul needed. We celebrated, hugged, laughed, cried and ate with full hearts. There is something magical about spending time with people who are part of your tribe. We are all very different in personality but are united in spirit. Can you tell I had an awesome time?


So, yeah. Girls’ trips — I’m a believer.  I’m ready to plan the next one and I definitely not waiting until the next dōTERRA convention!

What have been some of your favorite girls’ trips you’ve been on? Any guys have some pretty awesome guy trips?

What do you think made them so special?


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