Why Filtered Water isn’t Good Enough

I’m a horrible water drinker. Actually, I should say WAS a horrible water drinker. I’ve learned some things lately that have made me put water as a priority. I’ve been reading a book called Superlife by Darin Olien and currently reading the section about hydration. I’ve always known that drinking a lot of water is good for the body but it has been such a painful part of getting healthy for me. I’m never thirsty so I’ve always felt like I’m choking down the water down. However, after learning what I have, I’ve been chugging it willingly.

But I’m not talking about the filtered water coming out of my fridge. Unfortunately, the filter on my fridge isn’t doing enough. What I’ve learned from my new friend Darin is that most of our filtered water still contains solid particles. I know our local water is loaded with limestone because I’ve got a water heater, shower and some pipes that are letting me know.

What I’ve recently learned is that when our water contains particles, the water we drink can’t enter our cells. It causes cellular dehydration which creates a whole host of nastiness.

For example:

Dehydration leads to enzymatic and hormonal changes that damage or destroy our cellular receptors, those structures that allow cells to receive nutrition and information from other parts of the body.

Holy shit. This explains so much! I eat super healthy most of the time but my body composition never changes. I experiment with my macros (protein, fat, carbs), intermittent fasting, ketogenic diet, etc. with no results or indication that it has made a difference. I have felt more energy and less brain fog by the way I eat and the products I use but this information about damaged cellular receptors definitely has me thinking.

Here’s another whopper:

Dehydration has a negative impact on our telemeres, which leads to unhealthy aging and even an increased risk of cancer. Fluctuations in water level can also damage the mechanism that controls cell shape, a hallmark for development of metastatic cancers. A lack of water causes histamine production to increase, which shuts down the release of interferon, a critical anti-cancer chemical that is present in a hydrated body. Histamine suppresses immune activity in the bone marrow, which is where we produce the white blood cells that digest and destroy cancer cells.

And this!

When our histamine level rises due to insufficient hydration, we begin to react to allergens in the air that we might otherwise ignore. Suddenly we have all the typical symptoms of allergies–even to the natural substances in the air and food, in addition to industrial toxins and irritants. In reality, we’re not allergic at all. Our bodies are simply responding to a lack of cellular water.

Chronic pain, digestive issues, migraines, and depression are also linked to lack of water in our cells. FYI, the information I just gave you is from two pages in this book. It’s jammed with all kinds of info like this and I’m getting a much deeper information how my body works.

So what does my main man Darin recommend? He suggests drinking high quality spring water stored in glass but that isn’t easy to find. The next best thing he suggests is distilled water. I was surprised to read this because I had always believed distilled water to be bad because there were no natural minerals in it. But Darin wasn’t done with his advice. He recommends adding 1/2 teaspoon of unrefined Himalayan sea salt to a gallon of distilled water. This gives us the minerals back that are missing. These minerals are important because if we are deficient, our bodies will pull the necessary minerals from our bones instead. And that’s definitely not good! So important to note, don’t drink distilled water without the added salt and if that’s not possible, drink quality spring water from a reputable source that is in a glass bottle. A great place to look is EWG.org.  Also, he did mention in a podcast with Rich Roll that after testing a bunch of bottled waters, he recommends SmartWater because it is distilled with added minerals. So now you know.

So with that, I’m on day 2 of drinking a gallon of water a day. There has been lots of peeing and the filling of lots of jugs. I need to go a step further and find a way to store them in glass. That’s for another day…soon.

Also on the list of things to do is add some sort of water conditioner/cleanser system for our whole house. Then we can drink our own water and shower in cleanliness and not chemicals. One step at a time, I guess, and distilled/sea salt drinking water it is!

Water makes up two-thirds of our bodies. It’s our power source, our internal transportation system, our temperature control center, waste management system, and immune system regulator. Drinking the cleanest water possible will help all those systems work in tip top shape.

If you’d like to check out Darin’s book for yourself, you can buy it on Amazon or IndieBound.