College Self-Care Kit

College Self-Care Kit


This kit includes 8 matte white roller bottles with matte gold lids, each containing specific essential oils to handle the everyday college maladies. Each blend consists of a ratio of doTERRA essential oils and non-gmo/organic coconut oil.

The blends will be labeled as such:

  • Test Anxiety

  • No Place Like Home

  • 8 a.m. Class *

  • Go To Sleep

  • Too Much Fun * (aka Hangover Helper)

  • No Time for a Sick Day *

  • Forgive Your Roommate

  • Tummy Troubles

Each kit comes with a cute white leather trim carrying case enough to fit 10-15 mL rollerbottles as well as an essential oils quick reference guide booklet explaining more about essential oils: what they are, how to use, a quick reference guide to ailments and safety tips.

* These oils contain citrus oils which can make the skin sensitive to the sun. Best to wait 12 hours after topical application of these oils to skin that may be exposed to the sun.

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