New Year, New Look


Wordpress and I have broken up. I’ve had lots of little hiccups this past year with my site including some security issues as well as just formatting headaches. So I’m in the midst of transferring my domain over and I’m learning this new web host as I go. I want simple and easy to edit so SquareSpace has become my blog's new home. I'm still tinkering and tweaking but I want to get back to a regular post schedule. 

To keep up on my posts, you can subscribe here or follow along on my FB page or other social media sites where I'll be sharing the posts. You can go into your Twitter settings to alert you of my tweets or go to my Facebook public page and select follow (make sure you go into the "following" drop down menu and select "see first"). 

What’s new and where to find it

I'm rearranging the menu at the top so you can also search for the blog posts in specific categories if that's more your style.


There will be a section for wellness where I’ll talk about holistic topics such as integrative and functional medicine, detoxing/non-toxic living, health (physical/mental/spiritual), fitness, local/national events/businesses to attend or visit. I’m passionate about a lot of things in this category so expect this one to be front and center.


Here I will highlight local places in KC as well as the places I visiting, touching upon the things I loved and why you would love them, too. I am determined to get out and see more of my city/country and want to encourage you as well. I love finding those cozy coffee shops or that amazing juicery in town. Or it may be a great walking trail or an amazing rental property that you MUST stay in. I’ll give you the inside tip on where to stay, where to eat and what to do while there. Am I travel writer? No, but I will definitely be playing one in this section.


This is where you’ll be apprised of my latest healthy food finds, fun new recipes, and anything else related to nutrition. All of the food I will share will be in the realm of organic and nutrient dense. This will look nothing like The Pioneer Woman or Ina Garten. I’m more like Thug Kitchen meets Living with Landyn. I’m into simple recipes packed with color and flavor.

I may share an original recipe or one that I’ve found elsewhere and that you MUST try. I will also be sharing food/products that I love and some “save your money” things as well. I’m going to stick to the positive as much as possible but life isn’t always a bowl of avocados. It’s my duty to share the duds. I mean that’s what besties do, right?


This is where all the rest fits in: personal development, work, money, parenthood, fun and relationships fit in. This is where I’ll be sharing books I love, real talk about kids/parenting/ relationships, blog interviews, opinions, amazing people that are doing great work in the world, and anything else that doesn’t fit into the other categories.

If you are new to my site, I may look like I have this blog all figured out but where it is now is very different than it was a few short years ago. I started out writing about writing, books I loved, and interviews with authors. I added in some snark as well as parenthood posts. Then as I have adopted a healthier lifestyle and became über passionate about all things wellness, I added in that to my stream of posts. 


Who knows what this will look like in a year from now but this is where I'm at now so this is what the blog will reflect. I hope you like my new digs and hope you come hang out often. 

If you'd like to see more of a specific topic or conversation, I'm all ears. I write here for the need to speak what's in my head and heart but I also want to create an engaging blog community here in this space. I want this to feel like a dinner party on the back patio or a great conversation at a coffee shop. PLEASE leave me a comment and tell me what topics you'd like to read more about and the ones in the past that have really resonated with you. Your feedback is so appreciated. 

Sidenote: If you love a post, please comment or share it on your favorite social media outlet. That is also a great way to let me know you'd like to read more of that type of post.